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Vernon Chan

In the progressive world of branding and design, Vernon is an ardent contradiction. His mystery is the ability to constantly push the edges of creativity, yet is extremely meticulous in his provisions. Fueled by mischievous spunk and a passion for competition, this blatantly upbeat company founder has more than 15 years of varied industry skills under his belt. He is a self-styled Steve Jobs groupie, but also maintains inspirations from Richard Branson, Dr. Ivan Meisner and Jeff Bezos. You’ll love to meet him, preferably over an Americano.

Vernon Chan

Enterprising, unorthodox, and amiable, Vernon powers through into the unknown as the chief executive officer of scratchdisk creative.

Andrew Lee

Through the practical utilisation of liberal sciences and astute wit, Andrew shoulders the responsibility of operational fluency and human resource management in the company. He is a steadfast adherent of efficiency, and strives to discover new approaches to presenting the best in the least time possible. Andrew is also a commercial photographer, and brings with him some knowledge of image capture technology and aesthetics. His insatiable desire for knowledge is only offset by his love for functional beauty.

Andrew Lee

Passionate, conscientious and diligent, Andrew makes sure scratchdisk creative runs without a hitch as the chief operating officer.

Wilfred Tee

Our resident codemaster, Wilfred finds joy in multiple cups of double-shot espresso and his son, Jeremy. Between that, he concocts a fascinating mix of online solutions for our clients while arming the team with a flurry of the latest digital tools. Wilfred’s role extends from being Chief Technology Officer to assisting Andrew in efficiency management and client relations. Naturally sanguine, but strategically-inclined, Wilfred completes our requirement as a comprehensive branding company of the 21st century.

Wilfred Tee

Cheerful, driven and resourceful, scratchdisk creative’s chief technology officer Wilfred makes life wonderful through the powers of progressive science.

About Us

scratchdisk is a boutique creative branding agency of highly creative and imaginative individuals, committed to producing innovative, ground-breaking work. Incorporated in 2009, scratchdisk has steadily accumulated a rich and diverse clientele, locally and abroad.

We combine our exceptional range of talent and experience with a fresh, inquisitive attitude and a hands-on approach. We’re a different kind of creative setup. Our flat and dynamic company structure inspires unhinged creative expression. These values create a stimulating and conducive creative environment that produces exciting, effective results every time.

We approach every project as a unique challenge and treat it as an exciting opportunity to develop the most compelling, dynamic and innovative solution.

Most of all, we love brands. And we’ll love yours. Probably even more than you do.

Our Services

  • Branding: Brand Strategy & Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design & Visual Communication
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Web & Online Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Content Development & Publishing

Key Clientele

Our list of growing satisfied clients in a plethora of industries reflect our versatility, adaptability and flexibility. We are constantly looking out for new challenges.

  • Automotive
  • Corporate & SMEs
  • Startups
  • Education
  • F&B
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Online Businesses
  • Real Estate & Property Development
  • Retail & Malls
  • Technology

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Menara Binjai
Mayland Home Decor Centre
Park Manor
The Vantage
E&O Berhad
Kuan Wellness
ECO Lubricant

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

–Sylvia Plath

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You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.

–Albert Einstein